Jacobean Inspiration ©

Technique: Silk and Metal embroidery with beadwork on canvas with detached elements

Length of Class:  24 Hours (4 days)

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Description: With elegant poetry from down glittering corridors hidden in a shimmer of gold from a age long past comes a glimpse of life we can but dream. Giving new interpretation to exotic designs of the seventeenth century and blending them with the silk, metal and beads of the twenty-first, we will create an exquisite three-dimensional floral on canvas with detached sheers.

Techniques include working several lattices, chipping and “S”ing. Soft twist silks in solid and overdyes will be combined with braids, check purl, and pearl purl. For dimensional effects we will work the detached elements separately on sheer fabric in the creation of this multi layered exquisite embroidery.

Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas in color and stitch interpretations.