Butterfly Dance ©

Butterfly Dance

Length of Class:  2 days 
Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Class Description: Dancing couched butterflies in braids of gold and silver literally float over the wisteria. The background on congress cloth can be either:

  • blossoms and buds variations of satin stitch
  • a basic filling pattern suggesting a trellis

Accents of beads and goldwork add a feeling of opulence to the summer sunshine.
The foreground supporting the couched butterflies is silk interlock canvas, which allows the sparkling butterflies to drift over the flowers. Threads used include many sizes of braid, check purl and several hues of Soie Mori. Special Loch Rosen crystals add to an assortment of bugle and seed bead embellishments.

Size:  8” X 10” design on 13” X 18” Congress Cloth and interlock silk canvas. Depth is at the discretion of the student.