Snowflake Samba ©

Technique:  Embellished pulled thread on Canvas
Length on class:  2 days (12 hours)
Proficiency level: Beginner to Intermediate

Class description: Snowflakes in a gentle whorl settle onto a new-made world. The day glistens in appreciation of the transient beauty.
Students will have a chance to revive the fun of making paper snowflakes that they ay have learned as children.  Using metallic paints with paper snowflakes as a resist, they will create a design of scattered snowflakes. Pulled thread stitches of the student's choice are provided to create the lacy structure of each snowflake. The whimsical nature of the technique allows for imprecise imaginative crystals and embellishments.
Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas in design and stitch interpretations.

Size: At the students discretion, but limited to 10" X 16" design on 13" X  18" canvas