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American Needlepoint National Seminar

Emerald Essence

Technique:  Contemporary silk and metal embroidery on canvas with raised and detached elements

Proficiency Level:  Intermediate

Class Description:

It is said that the individual wearing an emerald can feel a surge in creativity, artistic talents, and the skill to innovate and form ideas better. It is a stone of inspiration and infinite patience; and it embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love—fidelity. We will be surrounding this lovely jewel with the sparkle of crystal and amethyst to bring out its brilliance. The radiating, detached elements suggest the essence of the stone.


Students will lay silk in diamond Waffle stitch and mount the center stone with shisha technique. Smaller imitation emeralds, montees, Loch Rosen crystals, braids, seed beads and sequins are stitched in various combinations along with detached wired elements. The foundations are Congress cloth and green sparkle organza.

Earlier Event: July 21
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