Floral Opulence ©

Length of Class:  4 days (24 hours)
Proficiency Level:  Advanced

Class Description: Down glittering corridors of an age long past comes a glimpse of life we can but dream. Can you imagine that the inspiration of this pieces came from an apron? Giving new interpretation to designs of the eighteenth century and blending them with the silk and metal of the twenty first, we will create an exquisite floral while exploring the dress and life of an opulent age.
For dimensional effects we will be using padding in numerous ways: Couching Japanese golds over string or layered felt, padding sating stitches, using braid under Burden stitch. Pattern couching, Goldwork, and filling stitches are also explored. Flat silk will be used and we will create new threads by hand twisting silk and metallics. The use of random Blackwork blends the background from foreground into the distance.
Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas in color and stitch

Size: 6.5" X  7.5" design on 11.5" X  12"

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