Floral Elegance ©

Technique:  Silk and Metal embroidery on canvas

Length of Class:  4 days (24 hours)

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Description: Combining the elegance of traditional design with the beauty and glitter of some of the oldest and newest techniques and materials we will encompass the depth and breath of silk and metal embroidery. For dimensional effects we will be using padding and raised metal techniques. Pattern couching, Goldwork, and canvas stitches are also explored. Flat and twisted silks will be used and we will create new threads by combining purls, wire, foils, and metallics. The use of vertical Blackwork bands defines the background.

Size: 7.75" X  11.5" design on 11.5" X 15"

Classroom Equipment:  Flip Chart and Floor Ease.

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