Metal Thread Embroidery, Experimental Technique ©

Length of Class: 4 days (24 hours)

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Description:  Reaching into the materials from the distant past and into those on the cutting edge of  the next millennium we will explore the many facets of metal thread embroidery. Our focus will be on ways of celebrating and interpreting nature, specifically trees, in relation to three dimensional metal embroidery. Each glittering leaf will be an exquisite jewel individually suspended from a gilded branch over a gilded trunk. A brief time will be spent developing the background and some padding materials with acrylic paint.
The students will develop their own designs from the research of trees and bark patterns. There will be discussion of the types, design implications, and uses of the many metal threads, metals, and padding materials provided. The studentswill be encouraged to experiment with new ideas in working. Students will have a chance to create metal fabrics using metallics, metals, and dissolvable sheeting. Stitch techniques include metal thread embroidery over padding, surface embroidery, and needle lace.
Some of the materials provided are metallic braid, purl purl, check purl, Japanese golds, Torsade, wire in copper and gold color in several gauges, metal sculptural mesh, and copper and gold foils and sheeting. Padding materials explored: industrial felt, cord, and paper roping.
Using a few simple tools provided by the teacher, we will construct metal composite threads and make purls and new adaptations of purls.
The students will be encouraged to investigate their own ideas. Many choices are available to the student:

  1. Design development

  2. Working samples

  3. Evaluating metal threads and their applications

  4. Working their own original design on pre-stretched artist canvas

  5. Which threads and how much they need for their design

The student are encouraged to bring pertinent materials for home. They should also bring a sense of play and humor as we use some of the oldest and newest materials available today to create exciting new interpretations.

Cost:  $112.00 includes the working frame.

Size: At the discretion of the student but limited to 14" x 18"

Classroom Equipment:  Flip chart, floor easel, draped area for painting canvas, water source.

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