Evening Enchantment ©

For we sing with our light.
For we are birds made of fire.
For we spread our wings over the sky.
Our light is a voice.
From a Passamaquoddy Indian song

This enchanted bird glides in a blaze of dazzling light as evening falls. Can you hear its Siren song? Follow it to an enchanted world of gold and copper.

Students will paint their fabric to resemble a sunset and arrange their own interpretation of the bird and cloud formations. For dimensional affects we will be using felt under kid and waxed string under Japanese golds. Japanese embroidery techniques of coiled couching are combined with goldwork techniques of chipping and couching milliary and crinkle. These all unite with shading the many colors of Japanese golds with silks to create contoured forms.

Size: 10" X 16" design on 16" X 22"

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