Dogwoods in Autumn ©

Proficiency Level:   Beginner to Intermediate

Length of Class:  2 days (12 hours)

Class Description: The days dwindle down, the air is like wine, and the dogwood leaves show their true color as they turn to jewels in golden light.  As these treasures of Autumn brighten the landscape and then fade to traceries of gold, this silk and metal embroidery brings to life memories of the splendor of the season.  The student will be introduced to basic silk and metal thread embroidery technique through shading and couching techniques including:
Vertical Random Long and Short; Diagonal Blending; Long and short over padding; couching silk, #1 gold and braid.  The kit will include three kinds of silk and four types of metal threads including check purl.

Size: The 8" X 12" design is on 11.5" X 16," 18 count mono canvas.

Materials Needed: (Supplied by Student)
Metal cutting scissors, thimble, straight pins, devise for holding the frame steady and flat, laying tool (tekobari recommended).  Lamp and magnifier if needed.  The usual needlework tools.

Classroom Equipment: Flip chart on easel.

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