Crab Apples Blossoms ©

Proficiency Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Length of Class:  2 Days (12 hours)

Class Description: Blossoms on Crab Apple trees burst into bloom in the warmth and freshness of a spring day.  This silk and metal embroidery brings to life the splendor of the season using the techniques of Traditional Japanese Embroidery.  The student will be introduced to basic, age old techniques, that reflect the 1600 years of embroidery tradition in Japan.  No prior knowledge is necessary only a willingness to learn. Laying flat silk, twisting silk, Vertical Single Layer; Diagonal Single Layer; knots, and couching #1 gold and Karayori are some of the techniques covered in this class.  The kit as been adapted to compensate for the high cost of some materials.  We will be using stretcher bars and standard needles for the basic kit.  Traditional frames and handmade needles will be available at an additional charge.

Size: The 5" X 3" design is on 18" X 8" Silk foundation fabric.

Materials Needed: (Supplied by Student)
Scissors, straight pins, tiny watercolor type paint brush, small flat dish, devise for holding the frame steady and flat.  Tekobari is required.  Lamp and magnifier if needed.  The usual needlework tools. Optional materials available at extra cost: Japanese embroidery frame, handmade needles, Sudberry box for presentation.

Classroom Equipment: Flip chart on easel.
Beginning the first morning: a VCR and TV hooked up. This is needed to present a video on Kurenai Kai. Time needed: one hour.

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