Designing with Metal Threads on a Countable Ground Technique ©

Length of Class: 4 days (24 hours)

Proficiency Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Class Description: Using a simple design technique, the students will develop their own designs and stitch patterns to complete a stitch diagram so that they will have a working system to start their piece in class or at home.  Texture and value and their relationship in metal thread work will be discussed to develop pattern couchings and fillings. There will be discussion of the types, design implications, and uses of the many metal threads provided.  The student will develop a chart that will help in evaluating the threads as to shape, value, and texture, so that they can apply this knowledge to the design work. Because the emphasis will be on designing, the student should have had previous experience with silk and metal threads.  Numerous stitch patterns will be provided but the students will be encouraged to investigate their own ideas to be worked in sampler form on the 28 count linen. The samples worked in class can be inserted into a notebook for future reference if so desired. There will be a brief discussion of using the computer to develop patterns. Silk and Metal thread techniques taught include: Framing up linen fabric; design transfer; couching Kid and Japanese paper; Kid applied over cord; Couching: Japanese Golds and twists, Torsade, Jaceron; Attaching: Jaceron, Smooth Purl, Plate, and beads.  Design size at the discretion of the student but limited to 8"x 10."  The sampler and design will be worked on one piece of linen approximately 18" x 12." After deciding on a design, the student will be able through a unique system to exchange credits for the metal threads they need for their work.  Each student will be able to select from a huge variety based of their varying design needs. Many choices are available to the student:
* Design development
* Working samples for the notebook
* Evaluating metal threads and their applications
* Working their own original design on silk fabric
* Which threads and how much they need for their design
SPECIAL CLASSROOM REQUIREMENTS: Flip Chart and Floor Ease. Slide Projector
for 1 hour the first morning. Use of a copy machine would be extremely
helpful but not essential.

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