China Aire ©

Technique:  Silk and metal embroidery on fabric

Length of Class:  2 days (12 hours)

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

Class Description: An exotic melody, a flight, a voyage of exploration—using research into stitch and motif that was done at the Kent State University Museum, we will explore the world of Chinese embroidery while stitching butterflies and insects amid a bower of cherry blossoms. We will also travel to the Suzhou Embroidery Research Institute through slides taken while I was on tour there of the secluded gardens and workshop rooms. In edition we will learn from actual samples of fabrics, threads, and embroideries produced there. Samples of other Chinese embroideries will be available for discussion and students are encouraged to bring their own Chinese embroidery treasures to share with the class.
We will also explore the world of Chinese symbolism and stitch with stranded silk and Japanese gold.
Students will be encouraged to use their own ideas for some color and stitch

Size: 6.5" x 9" design on 7.5"x 10"

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